Experiments with Time

  Time slows when I am alone; every step is accounted for, every breath acknowledged. Its lazy river runs against the currents of my pace, the world building itself apiece at a time – stroked robin, damsel snow, windchime branches all buzzed on the sunset’s langor. I slow, as well. It takes me far too […]

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banana tree

In Bronxville, I meet a banana tree watch its leaf curve over me feel its skin between my fingers and remember every meal eaten from its hands Hands, dipped in water sprinkle dew on sadhya platters The patter echoes The leaf takes its revenge, spills rain onto my nose and reminds me of the crack […]

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I always told myself to be so interesting as to not bore of solitude. I don’t think I’ve followed my own advice. My mind is constantly pestering me with questions about what comes next. In everyday time, this takes on the form of keeping myself constantly engaged. But when the lights go out and I […]

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India to her Monsoon

One When the winds begin to blow Heralding your arrival My scorched sand is loosed I gain a life of my own I tremble I dance In anticipation of you. Two When you paint the sky a welcome grey And emerge from behind the clouds Whispering your presence Among the joyous cries of men and […]

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The Pipe Dream

What do I want? I fear these pages will not bear witness to that. They are warm, dripping with potential, but I will not trouble them with the irrational demands of the naive little girl housed in these bones. She whispers to me, sometimes, and the winds that escape her wrap my arms in ribbon […]

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A Letter from My Future Self

I know you’re slouching. Straighten your back, seriously, would it kill you? Think about me for a second. As I write this, you are holed up in a  room, whispering a mantra of equations and key words back to yourself in the only brightly lit room on the street. And that’s okay,  if you think […]

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​Everything in this great mystery of existence is an elegant, intricate, living entity that compels me to capture it in a paper prison, tease it with hungry eyes, and set it free again through my silver tongue. At least, everything used to be before monotony stole the eyes that read beauty across every face I […]

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